Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Consider Your Friendships When Abstaining From Alcohol

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Part of abstaining from alcohol for ninety days should involve making sure that you can keep your friendships under control. This includes understanding what your friends feel about you. Your friend might think that you are a drunk if you use alcohol too much. This is not necessarily to most glowing way for you to be represented but it is a risk that is often found among many people who try to stay healthy.

Also, you have to think about how your friendships are being impacted based on relationships that have been harmed by your drinking. Sometimes what sounds like an innocent activity might prove to be dangerous because you are keeping yourself from being accessible. In fact, you might be more likely to be argumentative to other people if you are overly drunk, thus keeping you from being as accessible to your friends as you should be. It can really strain any kind of relationship that you might get yourself into.

Remember, being drunk is not a funny deal. You might think it’s a silly thing in the movies but it is actually a realistic problem that could harm yourself and other people around you.

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